Psytel is a non-profit company. It was founded in Paris in 1994. As a cooperative of independent experts, we work in the fields of health information systems, and prevention of violence against children, teenagers and women.
We work with health professionals, statisticians, computer scientists, epidemiologists, health economists, forensic medicine experts and experts in the prevention of violence. We develop strategies and ideas leading to the development of computer tools (databases, consultation tools , data mining, creation of synthetic indicators, scores, etc.) as well as Roadmaps, guidelines and training of frontline professionals.

Our work organization enables us to take on new projects, and to work with the best teams in design and development.

Over the years, we have developed an expertise in the following areas:
- Gender-based violence, sexual and reproductive health
- Studies on the cost of GBV in public health, as well as its national economic impact
- Development of estimation models
- Building of indicators (performance, synthesis, activities, etc.)
- Feasibility studies
- Statistics and epidemiology
- Summary of existing works and drafting of future conclusive models
- Building of web databases aimed at the general public and experts
- Development of information websites
- Project evaluation.