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The Public Health Programme (PHP - Public Health Program) supported by DG SANCO (Health and Consumer Protection) has injury prevention as one of its goals. In this context, a European hospital database on injuries was created and has been in operation since 1986: EHLASS, now called the EU IDB - Injury Database.

We are the developers of many management tools and operating systems related to the EU IDB. We know the basic structure of the European PHP mode of operation, its weaknesses and strengths. Furthermore, we have conducted studies to evaluate the database and participated in many projects in this area, whether as a partner of major European projects or as a project leader. We provide here below links to numerous project summaries.

Documents and software PHP:

2008 IDB coding software
2007 On the subject of representativity in the IDB 
2006 20 ideas and truths about the IDB 
2005 A Harmonised Survey in Addition to Hospital Level Data Collection  
2005 Establishing a rapid response mechanism within the Injury prevention programme: a pilot study 
2000 Operational conclusions - Study, development and dissemination of Data Mining tools for HLA data within the IPP 
1997 Evaluation study of the EHLASS system
    Evaluierungsstudie über das EHLASS-System 

Estudio de evaluación del Sistema Europeo de Vigilancia de los Accidentes en el Hogar y en las Actividades de Ocio (EHLASS)  

Studio di valutazione del sistema EHLASS 

Evaluatie van het EHLASS-systeem 
Estudo sobre a avaliação do sistema EHLASS