--> Children in the accommodation of women who are victims of VC

- The SafeShelter project aims to strengthen the safety of children in accommodation structures for women victims of domestic violence.

Four themes concern the safety of children housed with their mothers :
1) shared custody - when the perpetrator wants to see his / her children, who are staying with their mother ;
2) protection orders - when the perpetrator illegally tries to see his / her child (ren) housed with their mother ;
3) collaboration between the accommodation structure and the programs for authors ;
4) sometimes unrealistic expectations of children.

- The SafeShelter project carries a strong and innovative ambition: increased adoption and formalization of child protection policies in residential networks ;

- SafeShelter project partners :
-VEREIN AUTONOME OSTERREICHISCHE FRAUENHAUSER, Vienne, Autriche (https://safeshelter.aoef.at)
-Frauen helfen Frauen EN e.V., Schwelm, Allemagne
-Psytel,Coopérative d’expert.e.s dans le domaine des violences sexistes, Paris, France (www.psytel.eu)
-European Family Justice Center Alliance (EFJCA), Zwolle, Pays-Bas (https://www.efjca.eu/safe-shelters)

Documents :

2020 Children in the accommodation of women who are victims of VC (Projet européen REC-RDAP-GBV-AG-2020 n°101005392)
    - Presentation
2022 Move 1 : A path to safety. Through the eyes of children  
    Move 2 : Policies for the protection of children in childcare facilities  
    Move 3 : Child safeguaring issues, potential solutions  
    Move 4 : The protection of hosted children: additional resources are needed!