--> Gender-based violence : projects RESPONSE, ENGAGE, EU FEM, IMPLEMENT and PROSTCOST

2017 RESPONSE (European project, DG Justice JUST/2015/RDAP/AG/MULT/9746)
A multi-agency project in maternity wards, to help pregnant women victims of gender-based violence

- The project « Multi-agency response for reporting of GBV in maternal health services» aims at training midwives and health professionals in maternity wars to detect and refer pregnant women victims of domestic violence and gender-based violence in the 5 countries involved in the project (AT, DE, ES, FR, RO).
- This project was one of the 9 projects seletecd among 155 submitted.
- Duration of the project, 24 months : 01/01/2017- 31/12/2018.
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2016 ENGAGE (European project REC‐VAW‐AG‐2016‐01/776919)
‐ Enhance the safety of women and children through multi-agency cooperation for the referral of perpetrators
‐ Capacity building of frontline professionals to detect and refer perpetrators of gender-based violence.
‐ Improve coordination between frontline professionals dealing with GBV and perpetrators programmes
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2015 EUFEM, Forced and early marriage
- To create with victims and experts a European Roadmap for the prevention and referral fo victims of forced ans early marriage, aimed at all frontline professionals in direct contact with the victims.
- Implement and evaluate the Roadmap with frontline professionals from all sectors (child protection, health, justice, social workers etc) in direct contact with victims or potential victims in the 5 Member States taking part in the project (AT, DE, FR, PT, UK).
- Disseminate the Roadmap in the other member States through the project partners and in the European region through UNFPA
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- The project called “Specialised support for victims of violence in Health Care Systems across Europe” is a 2014 DAPHNE project (DG Justice of the European Commission). The project was led by the Austrian team of the AÖF NGO (Verein Autonome Österreichische Frauenhäuser), which supervises all shelters for women victims of violence in Austria.
- 6 Member States are involved in the project: AT, BG, RO, DE, IT et FR. The UK was only in involved in the training of trainers. The aim of the project is to strengthen assistance to victims of gender-based violence in health centres and maternity wards.
- It was aimed at women’s advocates, frontline health professionals in A & E and maternity wards as well as decision-makers in the health sector who are responsible for funding and specialised institutional support measures
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2015 PROSTCOST (Project ISEC 2012 n°HOME/2012/ISEC/AG/THB/4000003893)
- While the income brought in by prostitution is often brought to light, nothing is said of the fact that human trafficking for prostitution has a heavy economic cost to society
- The aim of the project is to build a model to estimate the cost of prostitution trafficking in France, its weight on society, including for its victims
- This model will be transposable to other MS. This project is innovative in France, as in the other MS, because such a study has never been conducted before
- To the ethical and legal arguments usually put forward in the fight against prostitution, we wish to add economic arguments.