Forced suicides in Europe

- Forced suicide (SF) refers to the ultimate act of a victim of severe and repeated psychological abuse within the couple who can only find this way out of hell. This concept is not well known in Europe.

- Our SF_Eur project has a strong and innovative ambition: to have the concept of SF recognised first in France and Belgium, then at the EU level with its consequences in epidemiological, legal and political terms, as well as working to train the professionals concerned and to prevent SF. This topic has never been addressed in a REC project.

- The impact of the project will therefore be epidemiological (recognition of the concept, addition of the number of SF to femicide figures, specific training, better prevention of suicide attempts in support for victims), legal (registration in law) and political (institutionalization of the concept in ministries, inclusion in national action plans - as for example in the conclusions of the Grenelle on domestic violence in France).

2020 SF_EUR : Forced suicides in Europe (Projet européen REC-RDAP-GBV-AG-2020/101005043)
    - Presentation
- Kick off meeting agenda
- Presentation of the work program
2023 Mooc on forced suicide
2023 European Guide on Forced Suicide (pdf document)