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Psytel is a nonprofit society founded in 1994. It is a cooperative of independent experts working in the field of health information systems and in the field of injury prevention, including accidents of everyday life and violence against children, adolescents and women.

>>> New documents of our Daphne latest projects :

  ~ « EU Project RESPONSE - Multi-Agency Response for Reporting on Gender-Based Violence in Maternal Health Services (2017-2018) »

  ~ « EU FEM roadmap : EU Roadmap for Referral Pathways on Early/Forced Marriage for frontline professionals  »
To create and implement an EU Forced and Early Marriage (EU FEM) Roadmap for Referral Pathways for Frontline Professionals in order to respond and refer victims and potential victims in a harmonised manner throughout the Member States.

  ~ « Daphne-Diffusion: a European directory of the community DAPHNE. Project leader NEB. (Daph-Diff) »

  ~ « Development of an Intimate Partner Violence module within the harmonised European Health Survey - EHIS - from Eurostat » (IPV_EHIS - 2008)

  ~ « Estimated cost of domestic violence in Europe » (IPV EU_Cost)

  ~ « Meta-analysis of the recommendations of Daphne projects on domestic violence »

  ~   Meta_Soft v0.6.2.exe

>>> The latest version of the software coding IDB :

  ~   IDB coding software last version (v3.4)